Swift Sale Solution

Do you have aging or surplus technology that you need to move quickly?

We’ll buy it in one transaction, fast and simple

When you have capital and resources tied up in stock that you no longer want and need to shift quickly, our Swift Sale service is your best solution.

As excess stock buyers, it’s a unique service that we offer to our clients, and as far as we know is not available anywhere else in Australia. It’s not suitable for everyone, or for all tech inventory, but it is available if you have reached the point where you know you need to move the stock quickly and have limited choices.

We have been in the technology business for a long time and have established a large and diverse global network of buyers whom we work with to build a circular economy, and ensure that the goods do not end up in landfill.

fair price

Fair Pricing

We’ll tell you how much we can pay for your stock, and that’s the final price. We’ll make sure it’s a fair amount. Your stock becomes our property, and we will sell it through our own networks.

swift settlement

Swift Settlement

Unlike many small time “brokers” who prefer to buy on consignment, we settle with you in full, immediately. Your capital is freed up, giving you cashflow to purchase new inventory, or other priorities.

swift removal

Swift Removal

Once we buy your stock, you don’t have to do anything else. We remove the stock from your premises swiftly, freeing up your storage and sales resources to accommodate incoming inventory.

brand integrity

Brand Integrity

We confidentially move the stock through our extensive global networks and ensure that your brand integrity is maintained at all times. Our reputation and your trust depend on it!

The Swift Sale Solution is suitable when time is critical, but not something we offer very often. We prefer to work with our clients as proactive partners to prevent aging and surplus inventory situations arising in the first place. The ideal solution for maximising your inventory management and returns is our Strategic Sales Solution.

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