Your Aging and Surplus Tech and Telco Inventory Challenges Solved

We have been operating in the telco and tech products industry for many years and have built a solid reputation for reliability, integrity and service

mobile source group
mobile source group

Two great solutions

We offer you two choices to move your unsold inventory. The Swift Sale, where we buy the stock from you and remove it; or the Strategic Sale, where we act for you to sell your stock to the right market at the right price.

Handled with confidentiality

We understand that maintaining your brand integrity and reputation is paramount. Find out how we work to ensure you are never compromised.

Timing is everything

Of course you want a fair valuation for your aging or obsolete stock. See how product lifecycle affects price.

Plan and succeed

We operate proactively to create and implement appropriate marketing or distribution strategies for your inventory, before products become “distressed”.

manufacturer solutions

Manufacturer Solutions

Over production, slow moving stock, cancelled orders and customer returns are all inventory nightmares for product manufacturers. We purchase and onsell unwanted stock swiftly and efficiently.

Distributor Solutions

Distributor Solutions

When slow moving products clog your warehouse, it can inhibit your financial and operational ability to receive new models and lines and keep your retailers supplied and loyal. We can move or liquidate stock to alleviate this and keep everyone happy.

Retailer Solutions

Retailer Solutions

Media coverage and product launches fuel consumers thirst for the latest products and models. And, of course, your sales teams are always far more motivated to sell the latest. We take care of obsolete lines, and surplus lines so your showroom and storage area have room for the new.

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