Client Stories

We really enjoy helping our clients solve all kinds of inventory challenges and save time and money in the process. Here’s a selection of quite different client stories that summarise the requirements, challenges, solutions and outcomes. We hope these inspire you to review your own inventory challenges and get in contact if you’d like us to help.

Reducing Retail Inventory Losses

Reducing Retail Inventory Losses

See how we help a large Australian electronics retailer to manage slow moving inventory every fortnight and improve profits.

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New Markets Opened

How we helped one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers with new channels for end-of-life, refurbished and used tech and telco products.

Large Reclamation Inventory Issue Solved

Large Inventory Issue Solved

When a project was cancelled, our client was left with a large volume of excess inventory which they could not sell. See how we came to the rescue.

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