Phone Parts Reclamation Service

Phone repairers, authorised service providers and insurance companies

Looking to maximise value of reclaimed phone parts?

After completing repair and or refurbishment work, there can still be value in the parts that have been removed from the phones.  However, the value does depend on a number of factors:

  • Current market supply and demand for specific parts from each brand and model.
  • Availability and pricing of brand-new replacement parts.
  • Raw materials used in the manufacturer of the parts.
  • Age and quality of the parts.
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Which parts have value?

  • Value is in current model OEM OLED screens, as these are expensive and hard to copy.
  • Some broken screens still have value for other components on them like flex cables, housing and or ICs.
  • Used screens are sold on to refurbishment factories and traded as a commodity.

How we assess the true value of your parts

We have a special team in Hong Kong who are highly trained in LCD reclamation work.

Our team:

  • Tests each product for screen burn, and checks for potential damages in the OLED. The condition of the glass and or frame are not relevant.
  • Checks for any physical damage, malfunctions or imperfections of the LCD and touch screens.
  • Grades each screen A, B, C, D and Failed, complying with the latest international standards.
  • Provides a detailed report of quantities, grades and current values, and arranges the sale and settlement.
  • Arranges for the safe disposal of the failed components.
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Our Hong Kong team testing, grading and valuing screens

Benefits of using our Reclamation Service

1. Experience and Capacity

  • Ability to process up to 20,000 LCDs per month.
  • Highly experienced and efficient team.
  • Extensive global network of buyers.
  • Always up to date with latest market requirements, prices and standards.

2. Detailed Reports

detailed reports

3. Increased Yields

We achieve an increase of 25-50% more on overall profitability, than what our clients can realise from trying to do grading, sorting and selling inhouse.

We provide:

  • A true value payment schedule.
  • High net payouts for reclaimed LCDs.
  • Payouts on products with imperfections.
  • Flexible upfront payments.

Interested in our parts reclamation service?

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