technology product lifecycles

Understanding the Technology Product Lifecycle

While all products have a limited lifespan, the technology product lifecycle grows, matures and falls into decline at a much faster rate. So, whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of technology, it’s vital to understand the typical lifecycle of these products.

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Right to repair

What is the “Right to Repair” Movement all About?

Mobile phones, along with manufacturers of many products, including vehicles and equipment and appliances, are limiting consumers on where they can repair their products. It’s for these reasons that the Right to Repair movement was born.

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minimising shipping costs

8 Tips for Minimising Shipping Costs

Does your business deal in big inventory and large deliveries? If so, then minimising shipping costs will be a priority to maintain healthy profit margins and continued business growth. Read on to discover several things you can do.

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Electronics and Technology Industry

Decoding Electronics and Technology Industry Acronyms

Electronics and technology industry lingo can be confusing. While industry experts might like to use jargon, we need to demystify these terms so they are readily understood by everyone.

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