Strategic Sales Solution

Have tech inventory that you’d like sold to make way for new stock?

We’ll tailor the right marketing and sales strategy to make that happen

To maintain your profitability and cashflow, proactive management of tech stock inventory is the best way to ensure you never end up with “distressed” stock. When that happens, it will have reduced in value, causing financial losses. The final step usually involves disposal costs and the stock ending up in land fill.

With our Strategic Sales Solution, we partner with you to plan and execute inventory management programs and strategies to move surplus, aging, superseded and returned inventory, long before it becomes a major issue.

Our goal for you is to proactively plan and collaborate together to clear your unwanted stock fast, so you’re always holding healthy inventory levels, and have the cashflow, space and resources to receive new products and keep stock turning over. We believe it’s important for you and your team to focus your efforts on selling core and new products, and not be left worrying about selling old stock. Having to focus on selling old stock to customers when new stock has arrived is often disheartening and demotivating for sales teams.

expert guidance

Expert Guidance

Our team will closely guide you through each step of selling your inventory, offering expert advice and support from start to finish.

flexible strategies

Flexible Strategies

We adapt to your specific business requirements, including choosing where to sell, who to sell to, and how to sell your products.

pricing control

Pricing Control

The stock remains yours until it is sold, therefore you will have the power to set and control the sales.

proactive management

Proactive Management

We partner with you to plan strategies in advance so that you meet both your immediate and long-term inventory goals.

The benefits you’ll enjoy

  1. Best Outcome. The Strategic Sales Solution is our preferred method of working with you to manage inventory because it generally provides the best possible outcome for all. We prefer to work with our clients as proactive partners to move stock before it loses too much value, and thus prevent distressed inventory situations arising at all.
  2. Fully Managed. We have a large global network of buyers that we work with, and we manage the process for you at every step to ensure that your price requirements are met if possible, and that your confidentiality and brand integrity are maintained at all times.
  3. Extensive Global Experience. You can rest assured that your interests are being expertly managed by a strong team with many years of experience in technology trading, right around the world. We’re well on our way to building a 100-year business that is solid, ethical and provides sustainable solutions.

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