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Our research has shown us that often when your customers arrive for a repair to their mobile handsets it is a broken screen that is the problem. In fact, there are more mobile phone screens fixed than all other repairs put together!

In most cases, when someone drops their phone, it’s just the glass on the front that is damaged. Generally speaking, the LCD underneath is still operating fine and has no damage. That is where LCD buyback services help businesses like yours make more profit!

Buyback options allow you to sell broken screens which means you can get rid of those broken screens. And of course, with the additional bonus of attracting more revenue!

But how exactly does an LCD buyback program work and how can you get involved? Are there any terms and conditions that you need to take into account? We aim to answer all these questions in this BLOG.

How Does our LCD Buy Back Program Work?

LCD buyback program is a service that we offer at MOBILE SOURCE GROUP. It is a scheme whereby you are able to sell your bulk broken mobile screens that you have removed from your client’s handsets. The price you will be offered depends on the model of the phone and the grade of the LCD. 

The really cool aspect of participating in our LCD buyback program is that it adds revenues to your bottom line. Our trusted partners send us a report on the quality and at that point only can we determine how much your shipment is worth. This of course depends on the model, quality and the number of screens. Of course, the larger the number of screens the more substantial the revenue that you can generate from a product you would ordinarily throw in the bin! For most business owners any increase in profit is welcomed. Especially when the profit is from items they would normally throw in the bin.

From your client’s perspective, you can let them know that they are not contributing to electronic waste. For many, the idea that they are helping us be a greener planet is incentive enough to go with you rather than one of your competitors!

Second-hand markets are on the increase with more people buying second-hand or recycled goods. It gives people an affordable solution to buying high-end phones. One of the essential parts of second-hand phones is LCD screens. 

When you get involved in our LCD buyback program and sell broken screens, we work with trusted partners who recycle those LCDs to a fully working screen. Once we receive their report on the quality of the screens, we make payment to you.

So more profit and less e-waste. Now, that is a result!

What Brands of LCD Screens Do We Accept?

Please reach out to us to discuss your situation and if we can help, we can. We can all benefit from LCD Buyback, us as business owners, your clients, and perhaps most importantly, the environment. Some of our larger clients use LCD buyback as a marketing tool to illustrate their concern for the environment.  We can talk you through the conditions of the bulk buyback and give recommendations on who we suggest you use to freight the screens to us. You can email us at or telephone 07 3139 1559.

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