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Exciting News on The new Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7Pro Mobile Phone Handset!

The release of a new phone from one of the (arguably) top three is always an exciting time. The anticipation is palpable and as the release date gets closer the discussions begin. Since the release date was on October 13 there have been reviews coming in steadily.

We wanted to let you know what we have heard and our thoughts on the latest offering from the Google house.

The Google Pixel 7/Pixel 7 Pro are almost identical as far as how they are made up and the components. The main noticeable differences are the screen sizes, 8/12GB RAM and 48MP Telephoto for the Pro.

We have taken a look at what is being said about them and it appears that they are very close when on the bench. We thought that a dual review would be useful for potential purchasers. The costs involved are $999 and $1299.

We reckon those prices are pretty standard for this style and quality of phone. There are a couple of Google-type idiosyncratic features. These could work to convince you for or against some of its competitors. Industry mobile phone competitors such as the OPPO FindX5/Pro or Samsung Galaxy S22/+/Ultra.

We were delighted to learn that Google had chosen to use a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, 10Gbps port. So, hurrah for that! There are a couple of widespread criticisms though. They include questions about:

  • Crippled alt DP (Display Port) audio/video for external monitor support. This will only allow Chromecast wireless screen mirror.
  • Doesn’t support a mountable external SSD which would be perfect for videographers.
  • The handsets need a USB-C DAC cable to use external cabled earphones.
  • The new models no longer support 32-bit Apps (Android 13 does),. That means that anyone who has been using legacy apps and games is now not able to use them. It is a Google Pixel arbitrary decision that affected several testing apps across the industry. Of course, this makes your new device more secure. It is the media more than anyone who is making a big deal of this… perhaps it is not the major issue we are being told.

So, consider these deeper questions when you decide if it is what you want. We have lived without its camera’s magic eraser and funky advertising quite well so far.

Review Google Pixel 7/Pixel 7 Pro

The new mobile phone handsets are available JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, The Good Guys and many other retailers. The standard warranty offered is 2 years. The country of origin is China.

More information about Google in case you need it! They are a giant company that started with a search engine. It is now one of the largest advertising platforms in the world. Google are behind the Android and Chrome operating systems.

First impression – We think this is a great product and we are excited about where the industry is travelling!

The Google Pixel says that they were more for enthusiasts. But now we feel they are putting their big pants on and getting a bit more serious about the technology options.

The Google Pixel 7/Pixel 7 Pro are not so much new phones but there are definite upgrades to the 6-series and they are headed in the right direction. If you own a 6, then don’t think that here is a need to update. What the new model does do however is to make the swap to Google Pixel more compelling. Google wants some of Apple and Samsung’s pie and is showing they are serious about that with this model.

They are, according to Google, not only Android reference phones but have a few unique features. One of these is the Titan M2 security chip. Then there are the Google AI tweaks that take point and shoot type functionality and on-device learning to the next level.

The Google design cues are still there. The camera bar is at the rear and is now metal. Some new colours have been added to the range. The glass back makes these slippery and they unfortunately slide off a desk all too easily. Make sure you use a case to avoid this happening. The design and the prominent camera bar and pleasant to look at but they really do interfere with Qi flat pad chargers.

It is worth a whirl according to those in the know and we would love your feedback if you do have a look at it. You can contact us by email at or call us on (07) 3139 1559. We are just at the end of the phone to help with all your 100% original spare parts for a range of phones and manufacturers.

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