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When you are trying to attract customers and get more foot traffic the focus is very much on how your store looks. You have to grab passers-by’s attention, so they want to have a closer look.

New customers are your future. They are what pay your bills so you need to get them to approach you.  

Here are some ways we recommend to boost foot traffic to your shop:

1. Get a Memorable Sign for your Business
Signage for retail stores has to start at the curb side. While many developments have strict policies on your signage, be as adventurous as you are allowed. Speak to a professional sign writer and get some help from them about the layout and wording. They are the experts.

2. Make a Great Window Display if you have a shop

If you are in a popular destination with great foot traffic, create a store window that tells your prospects that they need to come on in! Your window is your invitation to enter. A well-designed window display encourages impulse sales and interests your potential customer.

If you have a pop-up store, you can still be adventurous. Use your display cabinets and be creative.3. Roll out a Red Welcome Mat

The best hoteliers and event producers know there is nothing that screams “special treatment” quite as a red welcome mat does. A simple mat with Welcome on the front in a high traffic area draws attention to your business.

4. Put your Best Products on Display

During the pandemic, many retailers look to bring their merchandise outside so shoppers can browse in the open air.  Rotate your best items in front of your store every day. As a pop-up store, make sure that your most enticing products are easily visible. Excite your prospective clients!

5. Add pennant flags across your parking lot

A string of pennant flags from a light pole to the front of your business. You can get a multi-color version at sporting goods stores for under $50. The trick with flags is to replace them about every other month while they are still bright and before they are all ripped.6. Use murals on buildings

If you can make your building immediately recognizable for what you sell, do it. If you can’t, you can still put a tall banner from roof to pathway in eye-catching colors (think forest green instead of a garish fluorescent pink). At the top put, “We’ve Got…” and add pictures of your best products.

 Again, the goal is not to scream price, but to showcase the products. If you can’t put it on the building, you can get freestanding banner holders to place by your doors. Placed outside, these are used where you cannot use a building banner but with the same message.

7. Use outdoor signs

Wickets are those lightweight signs often used by real estate agents for open houses. They are cheap and effective if you have somewhere to put them.

For a limited-time promotion, these might be a good choice for a small business owner to get your message out into your parking area or next to the road of a busy intersection.

Some are sturdier than others but they do not take much wind. These can be really effective – especially if you use them sparingly.8. Add sandwich board signs
Using a professional curb sign gives your store’s message a more professional look.
Use professional, high-quality colour graphics to stand out from your competitors.

Again, check with local authorities on signage regulations.9. Use colourful landscaping and planter boxes

An abundance of flowers will attract customers’ eyes, so everyone will know your location, and this is all about getting attention!10. Decorate your store exterior using balloons
There’s nothing cheaper and provides movement and attention to your business than balloons. Be sure to use plenty and replace often as helium deflates. If you have a railing, use that.

If you have nowhere to tie them, you can use cinderblocks laid flat to tie the strings through the holes. If you don’t like the way cinderblocks look, disguise them with cloth, burlap, or oilcloth.

They also look great in shopping centres. Check with your management office first, of course. We understand you may not have the budget or the motivation to do all of these – just pick a couple and see how they work for you!

Good luck!

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