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Mobile Phone Spare Parts

We are experts in original (OEM) mobile phone spare parts and have excellent knowledge of rapidly changing markets which allows us to make sure your business is getting the outcome it needs in all distribution and sales channels. We back this expertise up by making sure we only deal with genuine branded products like Samsung Service Packs. That way businesses purchasing from us can be assured that there is no risk of trademark infringements.

Our customers are all over the World and we supply handset re-manufacturers, insurance companies, distributors, wholesalers, large repair and service centers, major retailers and online stores.

We do not sell spare parts to the general public.


We supply 100% original spare parts sourced through manufacturers and accredited sources for Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft, Motorola, and Samsung. With our strong network of global sources we can facilitate large orders, supply on short lead times, and supply difficult to source parts.


Don’t throw away those broken mobile phone screens.
You can turn them into real cash with our LCD Buy Back program.

Mobile Source Group buys your broken screens! We pay competitive prices for a variety of broken screens. Sell your broken or unwanted screens to us. You can choose to use the credit in our store or pay it directly into your back account. All screens will be tested by Mobile Source Group upon arrival to verify a working LCD and Digitizer. Those found defective will be recycled unless otherwise stated by seller.

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Consumer Electronics Parts Buyback

Turn Broken Consumer Electronics into Cash – Fast

Turn Broken Consumer Electronics into Cash – FastIf your business accumulates broken spare parts for consumer electronics like mobile phones, tablets PCs, MacBooks or pretty much anything else – we can offer top dollar buybacks on spare parts as well as our dedicated LCD buyback program.

Our comprehensive grading system means we can get the best return for your spare parts. Combined with our global reach we are able to remarket into new markets so we don’t disrupt any of your current business sales channels. We also provide a full condition report on all parts so you know exactly what your assets are worth.

As eWaste management becomes a bigger issue globally, we have the systems in place to provide full documented eWaste recycling on any parts that are not fit for buyback. As well as that, we are also able to provide full data wiping if you require it.

Our buyback program is not limited to any type of business. We are able to service retailers, corporate clients, repairers and original equipment manufacturers. There are almost no consumer electronics we can’t deal with; mobile phones, circuit boards, LCD screens, laptops, tablet PCs and much more are all easily and quickly turned into cash.

What is the Mobile Source Difference?

  1. Competitive pricing. Because we deal with large volumes we can negotiate better deals. That means we can pass on the cost saving benefits direct to you.
  2. Manufacturer Standardised Quality Control. That means you get the best quality without having to worry about cheap foreign imports.
  3. High volume and fast availability of parts. Because we take out the time you get the parts sooner and you can complete your jobs faster
  4. Full Catalog per model, based on Bill of Materials (BOM). We know you want speed and efficiency which is why we designed our catalogs to be easy to use.
  5. Multi Brand Orientated. Nobody likes having to shop around when all your parts can be sourced from one place. We save you time and money by being able to shop in one place.