The Rising Issue Of Faulty Finger Print Sensors

Posted by Michael Lindsay on

In recent times there has been a growing trend in one specific part type, of rising quality issues. It has been widely reported, by many in the industry, that the parts they were supplied through competing supply channels have had faulty fingerprints sensors.

Which parts are affected?

Samsung uses ultrasonic sensors for their Note and S-series phones, and the mid-range A-series relies on optical in-display fingerprint sensors. Users of these models are relying more and more on the fingerprint reader to quickly unlock their phones, which in turn means they are less tolerant when a replacement part with a faulty sensor is used in the repair process on their device. This has proven to be costly for many operators affecting their productivity, profit margin and reputation.

Why are we seeing issues with these sensors?

One of the key factors affecting this issue is the refurbishment process of these parts, which are then put back into supply chains. Whenever corners are cut due processes not being followed and proper tests not conducted, it has an undeniable impact on the quality of parts in supply chains.

How does OEM Pro protect your business?

  • All our suppliers have good processes in place to guarantee quality control, which is why we can be so confident with the parts we sell.

  • We also have a clear chain of custody thus providing much-needed confidence and assurance.

  • Our track record speaks for itself, of the thousands of parts we distribute across Australia and the world less than 0.5% return faulty

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