Market update – LCD Phone Screen Stock Shortages - What’s next for 2020?

Posted by Sonya Franklin on

As the 2020 landscape continues to shift with the changing world dynamics. It is no surprise that COVID continues to place a burden on our supply chain.

We are seeing an ongoing shortage of Samsung LCDs as result of COVID restriction, especially for all major flagships models such as the S10 & Note10 upwards.

Additionally, stock for older S & N series models, is hard to secure, and prices are remaining high.

The A series phones are still performing well, with the A20 proving to be a particularly good seller. Never fear, we have reserved stock available to ensure adequate supply for our customers, so reach out to our sales team today!


High Quality Samsung LCD Phone Screens

As there is a shortage of stock across all our suppliers, we are paying more for quality LCDs and accessories. We will continue to ONLY stock quality products and strive to have ample and consistent stock levels across our product range, even with supply chain unpredictability.

As Samsung delivery timeframes continue to fluctuate and shift, we will continue to work on securing stock for your business continuity.

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