Know your Service Pack Options

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Know your service pack options

As the breadth and range of Samsung Models grow and demand outstrips supply, our vendors are staying agile to supply us.

In this vein, we now see vendors stocking/supplying two options on a range of LCD models.

The difference in most circumstances is:

  •  LCD service packs with/without a battery inclusion
  •  LCD service packs with/without a camera module inclusion. 

Affected Service Packs

With camera module added - S21 Ultra & S20 Ultra

With battery added - S12, S21+,A10, A12, A32, A52, A72

We have recently updated the inventory descriptions on our webshop listings to remove ambiguity, so you know exactly what you're buying!

We are also pricing our stock accordingly, to ensure you get the best pricing for the LCD service pack you need.

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