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Did you know we offer managed solutions for distressed, returned & obsolete inventory?

What does that mean?


Distressed inventory is product whose potential to be sold at a normal cost has passed or will soon pass.

Obsolete inventory is product that is proving difficult to sell due to a lack of demand.

Inventory return is when items that have been sold are returned used and unused.


We can help with these circumstances. We help you to build circular distribution channels with merchandise that is under stress. We work with manufacturers, distributors, national retailers, and social enterprises.


Our style of retailing integrates different methods available to consumers. These include online via websites etc, in a physical shop, and by phone. We combine these with our advanced reverse logistic services. Together, these give the merchandise a second life and drive commercial profits for our clients.


We protect our clients' brand integrity and turn inventory challenges into commercial opportunities.



  • We bring old stock back to life and add value where we can.
  • We run clever marketing strategies to create sales velocity for inventory that you like to sell through faster.
  • We can bundle your product with other products (A Brands) to run promotions without disrupting your brands' perceived value.
  • We can assist brands in creating a private label and or brand for inventory that is “like” new and in near new condition.
  • We help you to create a standard that your clients trust and are willing to pay close to retail pricing for.
  • Building a new segment of customers for you is what we are passionate about. We make sure that your existing sales channels do not suffer as a result. This is just one of our services. If you want to find out more about this talk to us about 'bespoke Certified Pre-owned solutions.'

More About "Bespoke Certified Pre-Owned Solutions"

We can help protect your sales and distribution channels when solving your inventory challenges. Protect your profits and brand integrity.


We purchase inventory that is damaged, distressed, returned or obsolete. This is product that needs to be sold quickly. We give those products another life somewhere they are needed and wanted.


When sourcing this product, we are looking to identify large volumes. It should be significate/high (commercial volumes). We specialise in consumer electronics specifically.


We understand that throughout this process it is important that we protect sales channels and brand integrity. Apple manufactured products are an example of what we offer where this is vital.


Depending on the relationship we also include a giving component. If you have not come across B1G1 yet, look at our recent BLOG about this amazing organisation. They allow large and small companies to contribute to a better world through their program. Find out more here. In short, B1G1 allows us to line up the giving values of our partners. We do this by doing a quick quiz to see where their values align and give in accordance with this.


We currently have an exciting stock lot/inventory challenge holding hundreds of mobile phones. We also have access to 3 large pallets of returned tablets still available from a recent inventory challenge deal. If this stock excites you or you are interested in finding out more about this service and what we can offer, please get in touch.


You can call us, (07) 3139 1559 or email us at Contact us for any overflow stock issues you may be experiencing, Mobile Source Group is here to help!

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