How to Diversify to keep your Clients Happy and Coming Back...

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We all accept that keeping our clients coming back is proving harder and harder. In an industry where competition is around every corner great service and great products are simply not be enough anymore. They don't guarantee the loyalty or return of clients like they used to. 

How to Diversify to keep your Clients Happy and Coming Back...

Without question, the big dilemma facing many professional Mobile Phone Repair and Service providers is how to keep their customers coming back... 

One way that many of our OEM Parts clients is achieving that is diversification. But what is diversification in a business? Diversification is the development of a strategy which a company creates to lessen the risk of losing customers. It may include:

new products
new services
entering new marketplaces 

So, what is an example of diversification in another type of business? 
A second-hand car dealer decides to diversify and add to the cars that he currently sells. After much  and in an attempt to attract a new range of clients, he decides to diversify into selling second-hand motorcycles. He also adds a range of accessories for both bikes and cars. This means he has immediately increased the range of people walking through his door. His range of clients now includes those looking for a second-hand motorbike. He is also extending his appeal for after-sale purchases in the form of an increased range of accessories.

 How does someone who offers mobile phone repairs and servicing diversify easily? 
We have a range of clients that have made the decision to do this to secure their future business. They have added to their handset repair and service by offering a range of products for sale. This has included:

  • wireless chargers
  • earphones
  • and refurbished products 

These refurbished products have been MacBook’s and iPads which we have been happy to provide them with. This has allowed them to develop the relationship with their repair clients. That means that they will be the obvious point of call for any services that the client needs in the future. 

If you would like help in diversifying your range of services and in adding products, then please reach out. You already know the quality of the OEM parts that we supply are the best in the industry. Our range of refurbished MacBook’s and iPads is of the same consistently high quality. We would welcome the opportunity to help you secure the future of your business and to allow you to grow and prosper.

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