Mobile Source Group


You may know us as the supplier of your OEM spare mobile phone parts for your repair centres or as a B2B wholesaler for manufacturer refurbished devices. Whatever it may be we have decided to give you a look inside Mobile Source Groups vision and what we are about. We have sat down with the CEO/Founder himself, Willem-jan van Daalen, giving insight into our operations, our values and our vision.

What is it that Mobile Source Group does?

The Mobile Source Group solves inventory challenges for both manufacturers and distributors within the mobile phone and IT equipment space. We improve manufacturers and distributors cashflow by helping them move their end-of-life or hard to move stock and remarket those products to emerging and in need markets. We do this through an omni channel sales approach and using advanced reverse logistics services that ensures that distressed inventory has a new lease on life.  

How are we different than any other company in this industry?

We have exclusive partnerships with our vendors that protect both ourselves and them. While this may not completely set us apart from the herd, we ensure that our vendors and partners brand identity and reputation is protected throughout all our dealings and into the future. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring manufacturers and distributors are not hit by a decline in new device sales purely because their old, distressed inventory is entering the market at lower prices and potentially hurting their brand and target customer. This means they can focus on bringing in new sales without a worry.

How do we give back to the community?

This is an aspect of our business we are working on that we are extremely exited about. We are getting ready to sign an agreement with Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) that will help us achieve our business’ community and charitable goals. Through B1G1 we aim to achieve 2 primary goals:

  1. Company goals: As a team, we define our business and employee values and where we would like to contribute to the community the most, whether that be in Education in Australia or medical aid in a country experiencing a natural disaster.
  2. Vendor goals: We believe our vendors are a part of our business family and to play an important part in our interaction with the wider world. By looking at where our vendors values lie in comparison to our own and where they are currently giving back, we can give back where it will have its most impact.

Based on these goals, we will donate funds based on a set criterion that our management team has been working hard at defining and will be issued as a percentage of our companies’ profits.  

What does this business look like in 10 years?

While the Mobile Source Group already operates globally, we want to have a larger impact in foreign markets as well as a more diversified product line. This will see us enter product categories such as hardware, homewares, and decorations just to name a few. Through this diversification, we aim to achieve our primary goal of helping and solving inventory challenges for our vendors on a much larger scale without being confined to the IT space.

What is our vision statement?

“Through a large distribution network, the Mobile Source Group aims to be the go-to company that can solve our vendor’s inventory challenges without also hurting their brand integrity and new sales. Working towards a cleaner and greener world of tomorrow, we also aim on giving end-of-life stock a new lease on life while also minimising the impact land fill waste has on our planet.”

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