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The first mobile phone was released by Motorola in 1973. Since that date, the argument has raged regarding OEM vs Aftermarket. So firstly, let’s clear up the difference between the two.

As repairers, you will have had to explain to customers that there are these different options. We have written this to help you explain the differences and to let them know why OEM is always the way to go!

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. That means that the parts are from the same manufacturer that initially made the phone. That must mean that this should be the preferred option for any person coming to you with a broken mobile handset. Genuine or OEM screens are sourced directly from the manufacturer of the original part. They are the same screens that are being used on new phones. So when one uses the word “genuine” it is generally considered to actually mean “OEM”. It is true to say that in recent years the term “OEM” has been widely misused.

Some in your industry might argue that similar screens from the same manufacturer should qualify as “OEM”. Even if it is not the exact same product. “Aftermarket” screens are also known as copy screens. They are mobile phone screens made by different manufacturers and not the original ones. Their quality can be very inconsistent. Sometimes a batch will be good quality, sometimes they break within a month. Most often, they work but have a shorter life span and some problems than the equivalent OEM parts. Aftermarket screens will often have a slight colour difference. Overall, they tend to have a slight blue hue. An aftermarket screen may work perfectly when you replace it.

It has been shown though, that quite often they will then start to have display issues following a system update. An aftermarket screen may also have a slightly different dimension, they might be a bit thicker than the original screens. We would suggest that you point out these differences to your customers.

Many consumers are unaware of the differences between the two and can be lured into a false sense of security by the cheaper cost. With all these terms floating around confusing people, trust between businesses and consumers is more important than ever. That’s why at OEM Pro, we are upfront about what our customers are getting. We have a return rate of just 0.5% of our OEM parts that are supplied to businesses just like yours, across Australia. We want you to have complete peace of mind when ordering and using our OEM parts in your mobile phone repairs. In turn, this will allow you to build that trust and your customers know that their repaired mobile handset will last.

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