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Do you want to know how to become a mobile phone repair technician? Here are some tips on how you can!

An ever-increasing area of business is within the technology arena with new technology shops opening daily.

It is no surprise when you consider that everyone has a mobile phone now. Many have a tablet too. With a larger number of mobiles and tablets in people’s hands comes an increasing need for capable and competent repairers.

Mobile phone repair is pretty simple for those who have a passion for gadgets and an interest in learning about them. If you can follow directions and have a bit of a technical leaning then you too can become a repair technician.

Part of being a repair technician is learning how to disassemble handsets and replace parts. Soldering components is also a big part of the job. Various other hardware and software repair techniques are all part of the learning experience.

But where do you train to become a Mobile Phone Repair Technician?

If this is the career path that you want to follow, then there are a couple of things to check out before you decide which training company to sign up with.

Decide how you want to study. There are options:

  • Face to Face – Classes can be taken where you attend a training centre and learn alongside other participants. Some centres will offer smaller, more intimate classes which might suit your style better. Smaller classes mean that your needs are really met rather than you being hidden in a sea of faces.
  • Online Training – These classes do not require you to attend a centre at all. All practical and theoretical assignments are carried out via the internet. This is particularly useful for students who want to access a course which is not easily accessible for them.

Who do you want to study with?

There are a whole host of Training Providers in this arena, and each will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Our recommendation is to check out with colleagues and peers who they used. Find a Training Company that is well established with a good track record.

What equipment do they work with?

You will want to receive your training from a company that is constantly updating its resources and the equipment that they work with. You do not want to be a fresh-faced graduate who is knowledgeable in repair technology that was at its height four years ago. You need to work with and repair mobile phones and tablets that are being used today!

MSG works with a valued customer who has established a separate entity just for their training: Technician Training Australia, TTA. TTA has 4 fully equipped training centres located in Australia: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville, they even offer an online option too. TTA help aspiring Repair Technicians realise their goals using the most up-to-date equipment available. We know the value of what they are doing because we work with them but as we said earlier there are a lot of training centres out there and we recommend doing your own research.

Other Australian based companies that provide repair technician courses include:

  1. Mobile Pro Fix
  2. Parts Depo Australia
  3. The Knowledge Academy

It is also important when applying for job vacancies that you ask what are the training requirements and if they offer additional training. Some companies may offer training within their organisation on-site or even better they may offer to cover the total costings of your training. So, it never hurts to ask the question!

Our opinion is to find the right place for you to feel that your goals can be achieved, and your learning experience a good one!

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