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Can you talk the lingo?

We wanted to help demystify our world and the first way to do that is to bust the Jargon. In the next 400 words or so we will help to make clear the terms that you may comes across when dealing with people like Mobile Source Group!

What is Industry Lingo?

These are the commonly used phrases or terminology that you will come across on an almost daily basis! They are used for:

  • Spare parts
  • Apple
  • Shipping/admin.

Spare Parts – LCD (which means Liquid-crystal display):

Service Pack – The original packaging of Samsung screens and batteries. In the past, they had the words ‘Service Pack’ written on the box. Today you will find that they are usually in a white box.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacture. We refer to this when talking about genuine mobile phone parts that we get directly from the manufacturer that made the phone

ASC – Authorised Service Centre. The appointed repairer by the manufacturer. Sometimes these are operated by the manufacturer themselves sometimes not. These are the centres that the mobile phone company recommends and will ensure your warranty remains valid.

TAT – Turn Around Time. So, this is the number of hours, days or weeks that it is expected that your job or order will be completed.

OCTA – Another word for LCD screen assembly.


CPO – Certified Pre-Owned/Certified Refurbished. Both terms are used by Apple when referring to a remanufactured product by Apple. They have been inspected and refurbished to the highest levels and carry an Apple warranty.

As Is – Or As Is Plus. Also refurbished standard by Apple by what the manufacturer uses in-house so not third-party standards.

Duck head – This is just another name given to a charging adapter. Every country has its own duck head because of the different charging pins that they have.

Brown Box – This is another name given to ‘As Is grading’, so grading that is carried out by Apple for their devices only

Master Carton – A group of products bundled into one big carton. Usually five products into one bigger carton. It is commonplace that in the bigger carton you will find all the serial numbers for the five products that are in the box.

MFI – Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod. Certified cables from Apple.


ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival. The estimated time of deliveries to customers. This is based on current conditions and is generally pretty accurate.

COB – Close of Business. Referring to something that will be done by the end of a particular working day.

Ex Works – Shipping Terms that the client can be expected to agree to.

DAP – Delivered at Place. This is the destination of the package that is to be dispatched.

CPT – Carriage Paid To. Words that are used when negotiating deals on who’s paying for the freight and the liabilities that come with that.

RMA – Return Merchants Authorisation. These are forms that are often used for stock returns.

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